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Can Being A “Collector” Change Your Life?
President’s Column
Jeanetta Chrystie
Feb-March 2010 OCACW newsletter
People collect many things these days, such as: stamps, coins, figurines, art prints, dolls, books, cars, and the list continues. Not everything people collect can sit on a shelf, hang on the wall, or be stored in an attic or garage. Have you known people who collect hugs? What about a collector of good will, who frivolously slings cheery smiles and boisterous well-wishes to everyone they meet? Some “collectibles” are more tangible than others.

I am an avid collector of … quotations. Yes, those pithy little sayings that often contain more than the surface of the words reveals. I collect them from sayings on mugs, t-shirts, catalogs, signs, sermons, luncheon speeches, and even movies and commercials; scribbling these priceless little gems onto any scrap of paper I can find, lest I forget.

If you go to my web site (www.ClearGlassView.com) and select “Click Quotes” from the menu, you’ll see a small sampling of my collection. Well, actually, my quotations generator pulls randomly (with each mouse click) from my database of over 300 quotes, which truly is a s-m-a-l-l portion of my total collection. There would be more available, but I haven’t updated my web site in … let’s just say “quite a while.” It’s another item on my “to do” list.

Some quotes are humorous advice, such as “Keep a few Get Well cards on the mantel, so if surprise visitors arrive they’ll think you’ve been sick and couldn’t clean house.” And this surprising ad, “Drink coffee and do stupid things faster and with more energy.”

Some are bold statements to spur our emotions, “You are a precious princess of the King of kings, live like it!”

Some are warnings, “Resentment is like taking poison and expecting the other person to die.” Or how about “An excuse is a reason stuffed with a lie.”

Some bring a mix of humor and truth, such as Eleanor Roosevelt’s “A woman is like a tea bag, you never know what she’s made of until she gets in hot water.”

Others make you stop, think, ponder, reread, write them down, share them with your friends and acquaintances and any one else who will listen. A few will resonate so deeply within your soul that you must start writing about them. Whether it’s free-flow journaling to yourself, writing a poem or essay, or basing a plot on the truth therein; they invade our thinking enough to spark change.

Now, are you interesting in knowing just a few of the recent quotes I’ve collected for this latter category? Okay, I’ll share a few (remember I already warned you people share quotes).

  1. “Having a gift doesn’t mean you don’t need to hone your gifts with education and practice.”
  2. “A testimony comes from passing a “test” in life, then you have a testimony; but some people only get the ‘moanies’.”
  3. “You don’t ‘arrive’ by wishing, you must learn, grow, do, practice, excel, and then God promotes you.”
  4. “God gives us gifts according to what he builds us to handle; but like toddlers aren’t yet ready to wear mom’s wedding dress or dad’s work boots, we must ‘grow into’ our giftedness before the fit is right and we’re really useful.”
  5. “You are not alive in this day and hour accidentally; you’re here for a reason, but don’t think for one minute that if you don’t do it, God won’t give it (gift, idea, etc) to someone who will – maybe someone less talented but more willing to get it done.”
  6. “We are not gifted for ourselves, we are gifted to bless others.”
  7. “We are not anointed by God for easy stuff, we are anointed to move us to a whole new level of living life.”

Consider this an extra set of “lightning writing” topics for the year 2010, and see what you write based on one or more of these quotes.

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