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Board Members & Other Officers

Executive Committee Members

President * + Jeanetta Chrystie
Vice-president * + Rick Mapson
Secretary * + Gail Holman
Treasurer * + Keith Chrystie
Membership Chair + Keith Chrystie
Assistant VP Renee Srch
Program Chair Jeanetta Chrystie

               * Required for 501(c)(3)
               + Executive Committee Members

Additional Board Members

Critique Group Chair Rick Mapson
Devotions Leader John Pennell
Hospitality Coordinator Brenda Eldred
Newsletter Editor Renee Srch
Publicity Chair Lauri Thompson
Resource Librarian Mark Maynard
Webmaster Keith Chrystie

Committee Members

Contest Chair

Rick Mapson

Critique Group Assistant Brenda Eldred
Devotion Assistant Bob Martin
Hospitality Assistant Amber Cole
Meeting Moderator John Hill
Membership Assistant Carlene Withers
Newsletter Editor's Assistant Jeanetta Chrystie
Program Assistant OPEN
Publicity Assistant-Online Ads Jeanetta Chrystie
Publicity Team Member-Annual Ads Jeanetta Chrystie
Publicity Team Member Gail Holman, Charlene Warren
Resource Librarian Assistant open position
Secretary's Assistants Gail Holman
Treasurer's Assistants John Pennell, Charlene Withers
Web Team

Jeanetta Chrystie

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