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Download: Newsletter Guidelines.pdf

Ozarks Chapter of American Christian Writers – Writer’s Guidelines

Submission E-mail: OzarksACW@yahoo.com

Renee Srch, Newsletter Managing Editor
Jeanetta Chrystie, Acquisitions Editor

PURPOSE: To encourage, inspire, and train Christians to write well and maximize publication opportunities.


  1. Feature Articles: how to write in a particular genre, how to edit your writing, and other “how to” ideas related to writing. Five front page features per year, by regularly published professional writers. Length 600-900 words. Submit full article.
  2. General Articles: any topics related to writing or to the writing life, such as managing your time, tax issues, contests. Length 400-600 words. Submit full article.
  3. Fillers: writing related information, conference reviews, etc. Length 200-400 words.
  4. Inspiration to Write: Devotions (250-400 words).
  5. Poetry (4-40 lines).
  6. Quotations: positive tone about change, purpose, ministry, writing, and similar topics, 12-50 words.


  1. Devotions that encourage, inspire, and teach (not preach) our web site readers.
  2. Articles: Features and general writing articles are first submitted to the newsletter.

SUBMISSION METHOD: Electronic submission for articles, reviews, fillers, and art.

Submit in a single email:

Submit articles, reviews, your digital photos, and a 25-50 word Author Bio to Ozarks@yahoo.com.

NOTE: We can read most word processing file types, including: Microsoft Word ( .doc and .docx files), Corelís Word Perfect ( .wpd files), Microsoft Works ( .wps files), and Sunís free OpenOffice suite ( .odt files). For free word proccessing software, see www.OpenOffice.org .

    • Do NOT submit Adobe Acrobat ( .pdf files).
      Do not submit Microsoft Publisher ( .pub files).


Contributors to the OCACW newsletter and web site retain copyright to their works. To request reprint rights, visit our Authorís BIO page and request permission from that contributor.


  1. Include subheads in any article that contains more than 500 words.
  2. Include your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address at the top of each submission.
  3. Identify sources of all quotes.
  4. Attach original drawings with a statement of your permission to publish.
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